Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Watching Princess KIM, Ohio Rehearsal

Toby, Andrew & I are in Ohio!  (We are missing the 4th member of our creative team!)  We flew in yesterday and went directly to the theater to watch Princess KIM in rehearsal, just as they began Act II.  It is amazing to see Pierre and Brian's creative use of their small stage to hold 24 cast members.  We all got chills as we heard Andrew's songs being performed. Tonight we are back at the theater from 4:30 onward. We look forward to experiencing a full tech rehearsal for the first time.
Some photos from Monday Night Rehearsal:

"It's all a bit much...but I'm delighted."

"Your Grandmother is the QUEEN?!"

"The Queen is coming this weekend!"

Kim (Cassie) and KIM from the book!

Waiting for notes

Maryann, Toby & Andrew with Ohio cast

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