Monday, November 5, 2012

Final Play Reading

We held a very successful Play Reading on Nov 3. We were grateful to have had 13 talented actors who volunteered their time to help us in this creative process. The Play Reading enabled us to make final edits on the script and music before everything goes to the Caryl Crane Youth Theater in Ohio for our full production on April 25 & 26. (As last year's winner- Princess K.I.M. The Musical will be opening the 2013 Ronald M. Ruble New Play Festival at the Caryl Crane Youth Theater.)

Thanks to our talented actors; Lily Ayotte, Mitchell Jacobs, Lucy Stover, Abby Kirk, Helen St. Cyr, Ben Wesenburg, Jack Kane, Emily Marie Coffey,  Meghan McKnight, Ethan Reeves, Kevin Linkroum, Olivia Vordenburg & Ellen Cunis. We hope to see all of you at our open auditions on May 31-Jun1, 2013 for our New Hampshire Production to be held in October at the Amato Center for the performing Arts in Milford. 
(Also pictured above are Production Team members, Michelle Withers, Rita Piotrowski, Janine Leffler, Director Toby Tarnow, Composer Andrew Cass and Creator Maryann Cocca-Leffler)

Thank you all---- Here's some photos from our reading:
Rita Piotrowski's cousin surprised us with Princess KIM cookies!


Toby, Michelle & Maryann taking notes.