Monday, April 18, 2011

Scriptwriting- from Book to Play. The beginning.

Welcome. This is the first of many entries we will post as we move towards Opening Night (October 2013!)  I hope you will follow the process as we bring my books to the stage.

Expanding my two 'Princess Kim' children's books into a full length play script is an exciting challenge. I started this process in the Fall of 2010, when we, (Toby, Andrew, Janine & I) started meeting. I knew I had to expand the storyline and develop the existing characters as well as create new ones. It seemed a bit overwhelming.  Toby posed the question- "What's the back story?"  That was it- I needed to start with a back story.  I began asking myself ... "Why was Kim entering a new school? Where is Kim's mom? What is Kim struggling with? What does her Dad do for work? What about Grandma? Who is she? Why is Grandma Betty so dramatic?" The answers were my back story.  I let my imagination drift back in time, and began by writing about Grandma's life as a little girl, moving forward in time. Most of the back story will not be in the play, but in order to write about my characters "in present day", I needed to know who they were in their past lives.

As I write and edit the script, the creative team is updated. At our monthly meeting we share ideas and get "recharged." Andrew has already written a few songs, incorporating some of the script into the lyrics. Fun stuff. (We'll share tibits along the way.) All my characters, main and minor, are developing their own personalities and traits, and I can see the play coming together. Soon we will me meeting several times a month as we get closer to our goal of having the first draft of the play, script and songs, completed by late summer.

I hope you follow along.
(For the backgound of the play, please click THE PLAY tab above.)