Friday, August 24, 2012

Moving Right Along

It's time for some Princess K.I.M. updates:  We are preparing for an exciting year with two scheduled productions in 2013, (Ohio & NH). The Ohio production is set for April 25-26, 2013 at the Caryl Crane Children's Theater in Huron, Ohio. As winners of the 2012 New Play Festival, Princess K.I.M. The Musical will open the 2013 Festival.  Our play will be produced by a very talented team in Ohio. We will proudly attend!

This summer we have gathered a great team for our October 2013 production in New Hampshire. We are thrilled to have lined up a music director, choreographer, costume designer, light, sound and set designers as well as an assistant producer and promotion team. The talented Toby Tarnow will be directing and I will be producing (as well as wearing many other hats!) I will soon post bios of the team.

Premik & Andrew busy scoring.
Premik and Andrew have worked very hard all summer on our Vocal/Piano Book. They have also added a few new songs and are creating the Overture. I am in awe of their talent.

Finally, I'd like to announce our first song on Itunes.  Be Strong was written by Andrew Cass. The beautiful voice you hear is that of Olivia Vordenberg who sung the vocals for this recording. In the play, "Be Strong" is sung by the character "Elizabeth" or "Grandma". Grandma is singing these words to Kim when Kim realizes that she has gotten herself in quite a mess by pretending to be someone she is not...a princess.  I think the message was captured brilliantly by Andrew's lyrics. I hope you like it. If you wish- you can download it here:
 Be Strong On Itunes 
Thank you for checking in. Please continue to follow our progress. I can't wait to share my play with you. I hope that some of you can get involved! (We can never have too much help!)
All the best & more!

PS-Auditions are in MAY. More on that later!