Sunday, April 28, 2013

Princess KIM video clip & Thanks

Sneak Peek Video 2, Wednesday's Dress Rehearsal (4-24-13)


After a whirlwind week in Huron, Ohio for our WORLD PREMIERE of Princess K.I.M. The Musical  we are now home in New Hampshire.   It was an exciting and emotional experience to see our printed script and music scores come alive on stage for the first time to a sold-out audience. Thank you to Brian Marshall, Artistic Director, and Pierre Brault, Director/Choreographer, and the entire Caryl Crane Youth Theatre cast and crew for putting your heart and soul into our production. You made us proud!  Our deep appreciation to Colleen Murray and Margaret Phares and all the volunteers who arranged our stay and made us feel so welcomed. You all have an open invitation to come see our New Hampshire Production in October.
Princess K.I.M. Ohio cast

Maryann with Pierre & Brian
To think -just three years ago I begin a journey to bring my Princess KIM books to the stage. I was blessed to have met amazingly talented and dedicated people to help me. A special thank you to my creative team; Toby for her "theater"wisdom and help in adapting my story to the stage, Andrew for writing incredible music and lyrics and Premik for composing and help in arranging and scoring.
Thank you also to Rita Piotrowski, my NH co-producer, my daughter Janine and husband Eric for making this trip with us.

Our work has begun on our NH October show. Auditions are May 31 & June 1. Tickets for our Fall show go on sale in Mid- June! I have no doubt that we are going to sell out! Keep following our progress as we prepare for another great production of Princess K.I.M. The Musical! 

With grateful hearts:

Janine, Andrew, Maryann, Toby & Rita

Friday, April 26, 2013

Opening NIGHT!

Opening NIGHT was amazing. Word got out that a new musical had come to town and the community filled the seats- TWO SELL OUT SHOWS! The Audience loved it! Some comments: "Not just for children!" "The songs were awesome!" "The story was heartfelt." "The best play I've seen in a while!" The creative team is very grateful for the opportunity to have been invited to see our play from the "Page to the Stage" for the first time! Thank you to everyone at the Caryl Crane Theatre and well as the community for supporting the show and being so welcoming.

Here are some photo highlights from the opening of Princess KIM The Musical, April 25,2013, and a video from dress rehearsal on Wednesday Night.
Come Tomorrow

Didn't You Know

Janine, Andrew, Maryann, Toby & Rita before the show

Finale- We Belong 

Video Montage

With grateful hearts,

Maryann, Toby, Andrew, Premik, Rita, and Janine, and "The Husband"

Thursday, April 25, 2013

OHIO- Day 3- Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday was the final dress rehearsal. We sat front and center, with our video cameras as Princess K.I.M. The Musical was performed for a small audience. It was the last rehearsal before the BIG EVENT- Opening Night! The show was GREAT! The cast really pulled it all together and we are certain that Thursday's show will be even better. It looks like Friday night's show is pretty much SOLD OUT and Thursday show is pretty full.
We have had a busy week. I have been visiting schools and libraries to promote the show and the books. Andrew is working closely with the cast on the music, while Toby and I are taking notes on the script.
Here's some photos from Wednesday April 26: ( I was busy taking video- I hope to get those posted soon!)
OUR KIM (Cassie)

The  cast-pizza break

Get your tickets NOW- This show is selling out!

Notes after Dress Rehearsal

Princess KIM and the Queens!

Toby, Maryann & Andrew on stage before the show.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ohio Show - Day 2-

It is official! We have a PLAY...A really good play. I'm so proud. Tonight we saw Princess KIM The Musical from start to finish. There were moments when the three of us, Toby, myself and Andrew got teary-eyed. The music is pretty incredible and the play has the humor and depth that we wanted... AND it is just plain fun!
I started the day by visiting a local school ...500 kids! I talked about my books and the play and how it all came to be. I think we are going to fill those seats!
Here are some photos from Tuesday- April 23rd:

A School Visit

Watching Princess KIM, Ohio Rehearsal

Toby, Andrew & I are in Ohio!  (We are missing the 4th member of our creative team!)  We flew in yesterday and went directly to the theater to watch Princess KIM in rehearsal, just as they began Act II.  It is amazing to see Pierre and Brian's creative use of their small stage to hold 24 cast members.  We all got chills as we heard Andrew's songs being performed. Tonight we are back at the theater from 4:30 onward. We look forward to experiencing a full tech rehearsal for the first time.
Some photos from Monday Night Rehearsal:

"It's all a bit much...but I'm delighted."

"Your Grandmother is the QUEEN?!"

"The Queen is coming this weekend!"

Kim (Cassie) and KIM from the book!

Waiting for notes

Maryann, Toby & Andrew with Ohio cast

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Ohio KIMs

Tomorrow we head to Ohio to see my play PRINCESS K.I.M. THE MUSICAL performed for the very first time! My creative team and I have been working to bring Princess K.I.M. to the stage for 3 years. We had a vision and a dream...and a really good story to share. You may have met Kim Worthington, the book character I created who started it all...but I'd like to introduce you to Cassandra Battiste who is playing KIM on stage this week. I will be posting photos & hopefully video clips from the keep checking back. Ohio- here we come!
Kim Worthington- KIM from the Book!
Cassie Battiste- KIM from the Play!

Caryl Crane Youth Theatre Huron, OH
For Tickets call 419-372-0747

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sneak Peek- OHIO Rehearsal!

                                                    The Ohio Cast singing "Didn't You Know" Caryl Crane Youth Theatre, Huron Ohio. The show is April 25 & 26!  For Tickets call 419-372-0747.   See you all on Monday!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Princess K.I.M. to Open in OHIO

Some recent Local Press. (Amherst Citizen 4/9) We are excited about our Ohio Debut! If you are anywhere near Huron, Ohio - Join us.      April 25 & 26 7:30 pm
For tickets call:  1-419-372-0747 
Auditions for our October NH show are May 31 & June 1- 
See Audition link above.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

More photos from Ohio cast

 Caryl Crane Youth Theatre Loves Princess K.I.M.
Getting closer to our OHIO debut!
See you soon.