Thursday, April 25, 2013

OHIO- Day 3- Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday was the final dress rehearsal. We sat front and center, with our video cameras as Princess K.I.M. The Musical was performed for a small audience. It was the last rehearsal before the BIG EVENT- Opening Night! The show was GREAT! The cast really pulled it all together and we are certain that Thursday's show will be even better. It looks like Friday night's show is pretty much SOLD OUT and Thursday show is pretty full.
We have had a busy week. I have been visiting schools and libraries to promote the show and the books. Andrew is working closely with the cast on the music, while Toby and I are taking notes on the script.
Here's some photos from Wednesday April 26: ( I was busy taking video- I hope to get those posted soon!)
OUR KIM (Cassie)

The  cast-pizza break

Get your tickets NOW- This show is selling out!

Notes after Dress Rehearsal

Princess KIM and the Queens!

Toby, Maryann & Andrew on stage before the show.

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