Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet The Cast


Hi- I'm KIM. Sometimes I'm known as Princess K.I.M. (or Princess Katherine Isabella Marguerite Worthington)... If you want to know the story behind that, you'll have to read the two books written about me!  (My life of Royalty is an open book!) 
Well guess what?- Now my life's story is coming to the stage in New Hampshire in October! I'm FAMOUS!
(Drum roll please)....I am honored to introduce you to the talented actress who will be playing ME onstage: 
Stage KIM- Alyssa Saunders

"Hi, My name is Alyssa Saunders and I'm so excited to be playing my first leading role as Princess K.I.M. Ever since my theater debut at age 6 theater has become an important part of my life. In addition to acting, I enjoy singing, dancing, public speaking, writing stories, and seeing Broadway shows."

(Second drum roll...) And here is the amazing actress who will be playing MY Grandma Betty- (or is it Queen Elizabeth?) You will just HAVE to come to the play and find out!
 My Grandma Betty
Stage GRANDMA: Ellen Cunis

"Hi. I'm Ellen Cunis and like some of the kids in Princess K.I.M, I was 13 when I first appeared on stage. Joel Gray, the actor, once said,"How satisfying it is to do theater that really has something important to say." I am so happy to be part of a production that does just that."
Next time- I'm going to introduce you to my Dad and Mrs. Della. Just think- you can meet all these great characters on stage in October! Tickets are on sale now!
With Royal Wishes- KIM

Monday, June 17, 2013


Reserved Seating Tickets are now ON SALE 
for our NH October Production

Purchase your tickets securely by Clicking the TICKET above or go to:
(Charge cards or Paypal)

Tickets are also available at
Lordan Plaza- 101A -614 Nashua St. Milford NH
(Toadstool will not accept Charge Cards. Cash or Check only.)

Please Note- Tickets are Reserved Seating.
Best Seats sell first.

We look forward to seeing you at the Show!

Thursday Oct 3- 7:30 pm
Friday Oct 4- 7:30 pm
Saturday Matinee Oct 5- 2 pm
Saturday Evening Oct 5- 7:30 PM
Sunday Matinee Oct 6- 2 pm

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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Tickets go On Sale- Monday June 17!
On Monday-you may purchase tickets ONLINE or at Toadstool Bookshop in Milford, NH for the October NH Production.

Visit this website on Monday and you'll see a LARGE Purple Ticket ICON. 
Click the Ticket and it will take you to our secure Online Ticket Site where you can choose your own seat, and print your ticket. (Paypal or Charge cards).

Toadstool Bookshop has kindly agreed to handle tickets. They will have a select number of tickets in their store. You will be able to view the seats and choose from their Ticket stock. PLEASE NOTE-Check or Cash at Toadstools. They will not accept charge cards.
Lorden Plaza, Route 101A, 614 Nashua Street
Milford, New Hampshire 03051
603 673 1734
Best seats go first.
(You will notice, when viewing seating charts that some tickets are sold. Those seats were purchased pre-sale by Cast & Crew. There are plenty to great seats to choose from!
Thank you for your support.

Thursday Night- Oct 3
Friday Night- Oct 4
Saturday Matinee- Oct 5
Saturday Night- Oct 5
Sunday Matinee- Oct 6

See you there!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Announcing THE CAST!

We are thrilled to announce the CAST of 
PRINCESS K.I.M. The Musical!
A BIG thank you to everyone who auditioned.

KIM- Alyssa Saunders
GRANDMA-  Ellen Cunis
DAD-  Kevin Linkroum
MRS. DELLA-  Megan Dillon
KIMMY-  Joey Gold
LOUIS-  Joe Guzman
ABBY-  Meghan McKnight
GRACIE- Adi Brezinski
JASON-  Ben Wesenberg
COLLIN-  Matthew Katsigianis
VIOLET- Naomi Cohen
SARA-  Lily Ayotte
SAMANTHA- Cassidy White
WILLIAM-  Stephen Edelblut
MOM-  Sophie Linkroum
MRS. TREMONTE-Kathy Edelblut*

Katie Taylor
Andrew Taylor
Sean Corrigan
Olivia Cashman
Sarina White
Hannah Cohen

Patty Grady
Nicole Sprague
Juan Guzman- (also-BUS DRIVER)
Kathy Edelblut*
Phoebe Edelblut
Bob Piotrowski (also- ACTOR 1)

We are so happy to have all of you as part of this Original Production. We are going to have a lot of fun bringing Princess K.I.M. The Musical to the stage. SPREAD THE WORD...and 'LIKE' us on facebook!
(A CAST link will be posted soon....check it often!)

With grateful hearts,
Toby, Maryann, Sally, Bruce, Rita and the entire team!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Auditions Complete!

A Big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to audition for Princess K.I.M. The MusicalWe won't be doing callbacks on Sunday June 2, as we have enough information to make our decisions.

We will send an email and post the cast list by, hopefully, Monday. 
Please know- you ALL have amazing talent and we very much appreciate you auditioning for us. Some tough decisions need to be made as we have a relatively small cast.
We will be in touch!

Thanks for your patience.

Toby, Maryann, Sally, Bruce and Rita