Monday, July 21, 2014

Applause for Interlakes Theatre

The cast singing, "A Princess In Our School"
Princess K.I.M. once again hit the stage in New Hampshire, this time at the Interlakes Children's Theatre in Meredith, NH on July 18 and 19th. Thank you to a great cast, made up of tweens and teens, who did a fantastic job in the Interlakes Production of Princess K.I.M. The Musical. A special thank you to Nancy Barry- Producing Coordinator, Katelyn Maggi- Director/Choreographer and Ellie Kahn- Music Director and everyone behind the scenes including the parents of this talented group! Myself, Toby and Andrew where thrilled to attend. Thank you for the warm welcome.
Princess K.I.M., Kimmy and Abby singing "Didn't You Know" 

Grandma & K.I.M.

Applause, Applause

Please keep your eyes open for future shows. Next stop--California in May 2015!

Royally Yours-
Maryann, Toby, Andrew & Premik