Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The View From Where I'm Sitting

I always find it silly when a person starts their blog post with the words, "I'm sitting at my computer." I'd like to think my readers are astute enough to deduce this fact. What's interesting to me is not whether a blogger is at the computer, but why he or she is at the computer. Sometimes the aim is just to put something out there. Other times, it is to share some creative work, to spread some important news, or to tell a story. I'm sitting at the computer this afternoon in order to do all of these things.

As I type, I have been stealing glances at a piece of paper on the table next to the computer. It's a to-do list entitled "For Andrew," and it's filled with tasks related to this wonderful musical I've been blessed to be a part of creating: Princess K.I.M. the Musical. Our creative team has another meeting on Wednesday, and I want to make sure I have most or all of the items on the list checked off.

1. Make a change to "Didn't You Know"

This was the first song that I wrote for the play, and it contains the inciting incident of the story where our protagonist, Kim, tells a lie about her name. All of the songs for the show have been written, but the creative process is a continuous one. As changes to the script and development of the characters are made, slight (and sometimes not-so-slight) adjustments to the songs must be made as well. Musicals are one of my favorite things to write, for the relationship between dialogue and lyrics is so tightly intertwined that the result of this connection is often a better script and better songs than could have been written independently. It's been months since I wrote the song, but the edit Maryann suggested I make is one that I think makes the song significantly more upbeat, exciting, and energized. Here's a clip of the song in its most recent stage:

2. Hand out a million business cards

This actually might be attainable in the next year, assuming Maryann is able to print me that many. I've handed out two so far today, with plans to hand out more this evening. In my mind, this show is too impotant to be missed by anyone. The caliber of people I'm working with and the hours of work we have collectively put into this project warrants the biggest buzz I can create with this blog, my little business cards, and whatever other methods I have at my disposal. Now, very often do very talented people spend a great deal of time and money to create media that is less than inspired. However, the script Maryann has written has a special spark one does not often see in a children's musical, and the vibancy and joy that it radiates have kept me interested thoughout the process.

My 6-year-old sister has no need for a business card. She is constantly asking to hear clips such as this demo recording from the song "Everyone Makes Mistakes:"

3. Post on the blog

Well, I can check that one off. Keep watching, because we'll be posting many more as the show continues to move along! I'll leave you with a clip from "Tell Me," a climactic number from the show.