Monday, February 13, 2012

Social Media & Princess KIM

Hello Blog Followers-
Happy 2012! My name is Janine Leffler. I am going to be heading up publicity and social media for Princess KIM The Musical and help get the word out about, what will be, a fabulous production! :)
The Twitter page is up. Please follow us! Our handle is @PrincessKimPlay. Simply click and join the conversation on the twitter reel to the left.
A Facebook Fan Page is up! Be sure to "LIKE" & "SHARE" us to stay up-to-date and help us spread the word. To find the page, click the Facebook Logo on left or type "Princess K.I.M.The Musical"  in the search queue at the top of your facebook main page.
KICKSTARTER APPROVED. Our project was approved by a funding site for creative projects. Please look for links soon.
OUR FIRST SINGLE. I am super excited that our first single will be released the Spring! It will be available on Itunes!! PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT and spread the word about it to your friends. (More on that later!)
Do you work for a theatre company and want to get on our mailing list? If so, please contact me and I will add you to our database.
Are you interested in getting more information about Princess K.I.M. The Musical? If so, please contact me with your contact information and we will add you to our general information mailing list.

Looking forward to connecting with you.