Thursday, June 20, 2013

Meet The Cast


Hi- I'm KIM. Sometimes I'm known as Princess K.I.M. (or Princess Katherine Isabella Marguerite Worthington)... If you want to know the story behind that, you'll have to read the two books written about me!  (My life of Royalty is an open book!) 
Well guess what?- Now my life's story is coming to the stage in New Hampshire in October! I'm FAMOUS!
(Drum roll please)....I am honored to introduce you to the talented actress who will be playing ME onstage: 
Stage KIM- Alyssa Saunders

"Hi, My name is Alyssa Saunders and I'm so excited to be playing my first leading role as Princess K.I.M. Ever since my theater debut at age 6 theater has become an important part of my life. In addition to acting, I enjoy singing, dancing, public speaking, writing stories, and seeing Broadway shows."

(Second drum roll...) And here is the amazing actress who will be playing MY Grandma Betty- (or is it Queen Elizabeth?) You will just HAVE to come to the play and find out!
 My Grandma Betty
Stage GRANDMA: Ellen Cunis

"Hi. I'm Ellen Cunis and like some of the kids in Princess K.I.M, I was 13 when I first appeared on stage. Joel Gray, the actor, once said,"How satisfying it is to do theater that really has something important to say." I am so happy to be part of a production that does just that."
Next time- I'm going to introduce you to my Dad and Mrs. Della. Just think- you can meet all these great characters on stage in October! Tickets are on sale now!
With Royal Wishes- KIM

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