Monday, April 30, 2012

Princess K.I.M. The Musical was named winner of the New Play Festival at the Caryl Crane Children's Theater in Huron, Ohio!  Thank you to Brian Marshall, the Artistic Director and Pierre Brault, the Directer of our play...and of course the cast! These kids did an amazing job at the stage reading, considering that they only had 4 weeks to prepare! I was especially impressed by the actors that played Kim, Grandma and Dad. I could not be more proud. (Of course, I cried as I saw my play being performed for the first time EVER!) My team and I will return for a full production in the to be determined. I'll post pictures as soon as I am home....still at the airport...I'm making my way home and FLYING HIGH! Thanks to ALL who have supported our play!
XO Maryann and the Princess KIM team


  1. Congratulations Maryann, I can't wait to see the play!
    Your cousin, Vanessa Vivilecchia

    1. Thanks Vanessa- I can't wait for you to see it! Love- Maryann

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