Sunday, April 15, 2012

THANK YOU Play Supporters!

Because of the generosity of our supporters we have reached our Kickstarter goal! This money will go directly to expenses related to scoring the music and paying for studio time and musicians to make a performance CD, as well as other production expenses.  

As you may know, the New Play Festival in Ohio is in a few weeks. Princess K.I.M. is one of 5 plays in the finals. Whatever happens- we are extremely honored that our play will be performed in a stage reading with music! A win will mean a full production...but whatever happens in Ohio, know that we are working hard to enable this play to be seen by families all over the country. Stay tuned. We look forward to seeing you at a production soon.

Much Thanks- Maryann and the Princess K.I.M. Team


  1. My grandson and I had the opportunity to see the play Princess KIM today. It was fantastic!! The cast was superb, the themes universal, and the live music added a lot to the performance. Bravo!

  2. Hi Dorene! Thanks so much for attending! We will be back with a full Production in April 2013. I look forward to meeting you and your grandson then!