Thursday, March 22, 2012

"BE STRONG"-the SONG- Our first Single

"BE STRONG" is our new single! Listen to a bit of it here:

BE STRONG was written by Andrew Cass, produced by Premik Russell Tubbs and sung by Olivia Vordenberg. Be the first to have a download of the entire song and help Princess K.I.M. the Musical!
Visit our Kickstarter page and for a small pledge the song can be yours to add to your itunes library.
Thanks for supporting us!


  1. Love the teaser for the Be Strong song! Will play it to my K class today. Also loving the rest of your books inc. Rain Brings Frogs & Mr. Tannen's Ties. Can't wait to see you in Rochester, MI for Authors in April!

  2. Hi Amy- Thanks for posting. Sorry it took so long for my response. Looking forward to meeting you in Rochester! See u soon- Maryann