Sunday, April 28, 2013

Princess KIM video clip & Thanks

Sneak Peek Video 2, Wednesday's Dress Rehearsal (4-24-13)


After a whirlwind week in Huron, Ohio for our WORLD PREMIERE of Princess K.I.M. The Musical  we are now home in New Hampshire.   It was an exciting and emotional experience to see our printed script and music scores come alive on stage for the first time to a sold-out audience. Thank you to Brian Marshall, Artistic Director, and Pierre Brault, Director/Choreographer, and the entire Caryl Crane Youth Theatre cast and crew for putting your heart and soul into our production. You made us proud!  Our deep appreciation to Colleen Murray and Margaret Phares and all the volunteers who arranged our stay and made us feel so welcomed. You all have an open invitation to come see our New Hampshire Production in October.
Princess K.I.M. Ohio cast

Maryann with Pierre & Brian
To think -just three years ago I begin a journey to bring my Princess KIM books to the stage. I was blessed to have met amazingly talented and dedicated people to help me. A special thank you to my creative team; Toby for her "theater"wisdom and help in adapting my story to the stage, Andrew for writing incredible music and lyrics and Premik for composing and help in arranging and scoring.
Thank you also to Rita Piotrowski, my NH co-producer, my daughter Janine and husband Eric for making this trip with us.

Our work has begun on our NH October show. Auditions are May 31 & June 1. Tickets for our Fall show go on sale in Mid- June! I have no doubt that we are going to sell out! Keep following our progress as we prepare for another great production of Princess K.I.M. The Musical! 

With grateful hearts:

Janine, Andrew, Maryann, Toby & Rita

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